another great Wilmslow artisan market

Last month it was blowing a gail, and this morning it was raining cats and dogs. But that didn’t stop the fantastic Wilmslow artisan market taking place. I blogged about the last one as a bit of a trial. Jus, Tom and I are big believers in keeping it local, and after we got such a good response following the last post, I thought I’d make writing posts about local events  a regular thing. Where better to start then another post on the latest Wilmslow artisan market. Here’s what we came home with this month.

Fortunately the rain soon cleared and the sun even came out briefly. Tom and I set a budget but did go over this time, thank goodness there is a cash point at both ends of the hight street, as there was so much lovely stuff on offer. Here are some pictures, iPhone pics only so sorry about the quality, it was raining too much when we left to risk taking the proper camera.

The Cheshire Cheese Company Stall – the first stall we visited and after tasting most of the samples on offer we couldn’t leave without buying 3 blocks of their lovely cheese. One of them is curry flavoured and it is to die for, the moment the lovely bloke on the stall said it was good on cheese on toast he had me sold. I love cheese on toast! We also bought the sweet caramelised onion and rioja flavour (so yummy) and their best selling Black Bob extra mature. 

The Lonely Scone stall – I treated myself to an earl grey scone that I enjoyed as soon as I got home with a nice cup of tea. It was so tasty and only 70p. I hope they are there next time as I will be stocking up, they had so many interesting varieties of scone, even ones for doggies called sconios!

Tom and I racking our brains to remember the name of this bakers stall, we need to start taking notes! We bought a loaf of their 12 cereal bread and it’s lovely, I’m munching some now as I type one handed!! If you know who they are please let us know in the comments. 

One of the wonderful organisers of the artisan market Denise has since let me know that the bakers is called French Corner. As always click on the pink link to go to their Facebook page. Thanks Denise.

It took every last bit of willpower I had to resist buying one of these tarts from Cheshire Tarts. I could so easily have finished off an entire egg custard. Tom and I are trying to have a healthy month and we were already feeling guilty about our cheese purchase and the sticky toffee pudding (our joint favourite) we had fallen prey to from ‘Jo’s Cheshire kitchen’ (sorry I couldn’t find a website for them). We can’t resists samples and her sticky toffee pudding tasted divine, that’s the diet blown then! I have twice resisted the temptation of the Cheshire Tarts so I’m going to have to give them a go next time, in the name of research of course!

After the success of the chorizo we bought last time from Levanter fine foods, we had to go back and stock up. This time we tried their spicy fire chorizo. The sample we tried had a great kick to it. I’m looking forward to cooking with it. 

Jus and I shared a tasty cracked black pepper savoury egg this evening from the Staffordshire Savoury Eggs Stall (sorry I couldn’t find a specific website for them). They had loads of different flavours, and it was worlds apart from the sad little scotch eggs you get in the supermarket. Next time I’m going to try the duck egg one!

How amazing do these cupcakes look? I didn’t note the name of the seller as I couldn’t stay near them too long, the diet had already taken a few setbacks today, so I took this photo quickly and then ran away before I bought that malteser one!

I ran past this tempting stall too! I can’t resist sweets. 

I did stop to buy two of the ‘big breakfast’ mushrooms from the Derbyshire Mushroom Company though. They’re huge! I’m looking forward to having them grilled and topped with creamy cheesy spinach. Yum! We also bought some tasty cauliflower, potato and lancashire cheese soup and some cucumber and dill sauce for salmon from Scallion Soup and Sauce. I love cauliflower cheese so after trying a sample of the cauliflower soup I had to have some, so good! That’ll be nice after a long cold dog walk.

A visit to the Wilmslow Artisan Market wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to Lorraine at the Georges Biscuits stall. Bramble and Holly would have been very disappointed if we had returned empty handed. Especially as Aunty Jus had just taken them on a long walk round Tatton Park. This time we got them turkey dinner, chicken crunchies and beef bone biscuits to try. We were also given a peanut butter dodger to sample too. As expected they went down a treat, especially the peanut butter dodger!


My favourite purchase of the day though, and the one that definitely won’t sabotage my diet plans, is these beautiful earrings from the lovely Victoria Wild‘s stall. She makes the most beautiful jewellery out of glass venetian beads. I fell in love with them at the last market. They are so beautiful and unique. So I treated myself to these earrings, they even come with a little stand so you don’t have to hide them away in a drawer when you’re not wearing them. I’m just hoping the matching necklace is still there next time! 

If you live nearby and you haven’t yet been the Wilmslow Artisan Market is well worth a visit. If you have been then please have a read of this article and fill in the short survey from the organisers to let them know what you think. A couple of local businesses have had a moan that it’s not good for business. Well here’s my message to those businesses – before I went to the Wilmslow artisan market I had forgotten about Wilmslow as a potential shopping destination. This great market has given me a reason to go there again, and reminded me of some of the great high street shops on offer there. Surely it can only be good for business!! Please complete the survey if you have been and lets help this great market continue. 

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15 thoughts on “another great Wilmslow artisan market

    • Thanks Kate, I agree they should be making more of it. I can appreciate that on market days business may slow down due to regular customers not coming in, however these businesses need to think of the whole picture. New customers will now be aware they even exist and come back another day, improving business all year round. They need to get out there and get involved. Get on the street, promote their business, hand out fliers about promotions, get some new customers and get people coming back in to Wilmslow. I’m sure the survey will get a positive response, Wilmslow was bustling on Saturday with happy shoppers. Thanks for your comment!

  1. Can’t thank you enough.
    What an amazing blog – I absolutely love it.
    So, so pleased you love the market so much. See you next month.
    Denise – Artisan Market

  2. The market sounds wonderful and all the bits and pieces you came home with look like money well spent. You did well to pass up those cup cakes and the sweets I would have found that very hard to do. If you ever make it to Tassie you will be spoilt for choice with the various markets. I better get out and take a few photos of what’s on offer so you can have a look.
    In the meantime what you have on your doorstep looks amazing!
    Love your earings too!!!

  3. Hi. I’ve been following your blog for a little while now, though this is the first comment. Great post! Love food markets…they’re so interesting. Its so nice to try new foods hey?
    LOVE what you guys are doing with your house…go the girl power, getting right into on your own. Good on you guys! My partner and I are renovating our home too down in Australia…its lots of fun. I’m a midwife too… a few things in common here :)
    happy renovating
    p.s your dogs are adorable.

    • Hey Karlee, thanks for the comment and following our blog! And so nice to hear from a midwife down under. It takes a certain type of person to be a midwife and when you meet another you always get on. I love Australia have spent a bit of time over there in the past! There is nothing like the fruit and veg you guys get out there. In fact the food in general is great. One of my best mates is working in Melbourne as a midwife at the moment. She loves it. So tempting but I couldn’t leave my dogs as yes they are so adorable! I’m biased of course! Just about to have a look at your blog. xxx

  4. Hello – thankyou for putting a photo of our Cupcakes on your blog – we love this market, whatever the weather throws at us ! We hope you ditch the diet & buy a cake next month afterall you are doing it for research!! Great blog – best wishes Jackie & Jools @ Cupcakes and Co

    • Hi Jackie and Jools, so gutted I didn’t make it yesterday to sample some cupcakes in the name of research! I had a very poorly Hollydog to look after. My vets wallet is now full. Hope you all had a good day at the market. The weather was lovely for it! xx

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